The website is developed by The Norwegian Directorate of Health based on the content of the German webpage

The Directorate is an executive agency and professional authority under the Ministry of Health and Care Services. The Directorate of Health shall improve the health of the citizens and the community as a whole through targeted activities across services, sectors and administrative levels. The Directorate shall do so by virtue of its role as an executive agency, as a regulatory authority and as an implementing authority in areas of health policy. 

The Norwegian version of Zanzu is developed in collaboration with representatives from other executive agencies, healthcare providers and non-governmental organisations:

The domain "" was granted to the Directorate of Health by "Sex og Politikk", a non-governmental organisation working to promote and provide information about sexual and reproductive health and rights, both in Norway and internationally.

The concept Zanzu was originally developed by the German Federal Centre for Health Education "Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung" (BZgA) and Sensoa, the Flemish Expertise Centre for Sexual Health. The development was financed by EU-funds as part of the EU Health Programme.

To date, Zanzu is available in a German, BelgianDutch and Norwegian version. Contents vary somewhat across these websites to reflect national rights and law in the different countries. The Norwegian Directorate of Health is only responsible for the content on the Norwegian site. 

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